Field trip - Session in the Monte with the Brigadas Deseucaliptizadoras

After a week of academic activities, we invite participants of the Degrowth Conference to spend a day with the Brigadas Deseucaliptizadoras to help in their quest for a Galician monte without eucalyptus and other invasive species. The invasion of eucalyptus in large parts of Galicia cannot go unnoticed by anybody visiting this region of Spain, where eucalyptus accounts for 28 % of Galician forests and imposes a serious threat to rural livelihoods and ecosystems.

  • When: Saturday 22 June 2024,09.30h

To attend this activity it is necessary to register in advance using this form. Registrations are until Wednesday 12 June

The Brigadas Deseucaliptizadoras is a grassroot movement working against the invasion of eucalyptus, acacia and other exotic species in the Galician monte. About once per month a roga (or work session) is organized by a local community (e. g. neighborhood community, Communidade de montes, NGO) together with the Brigadas Deseucaliptizadoras, calling on the many brigadistas living across Galicia to come and work in the monte together with local communities. After the roga, follows the albaroque, which loosely translates to ‘feast’, and the community of volunteers comes together to eat, drink, and enjoy activities like music, talks, or walks in the monte.

On Saturday June 22nd, we invite participants of the Degrowth Conference to contribute to the removal of exotic invasive species in Galician common lands and experience first-hand how local communities go about eradicating invasive species. Perhaps this could be the seed to an even larger movement! We will organize transport from Pontevedra and back, in addition to food, drinks, and afternoon activities. The program of the day is as follows:

  • 9:30: depart from Pontevedra by bus
  • 10:15: arrival at Campo Maneiro (Taragoña, Rianxo), welcome
  • 10:30-14:00: work in the monte eradicating acacia
  • 14:00-16:00: food and drink provided by Montescola and comunidade de montes de O Fieitoso
  • 16:00-18:00: visiting Monte Fieitoso: regenerative grazing with goats, bee hives and school farm project
  • 18:00-18:45: return to Pontevedra

It is important to fill in this sign-up sheet before 12 June so that we can prepare adequate material, transport, and food. The Post-GrowthInnovation Lab group will cover the transport expenses, material is provided by the Brigadas Deseucaliptizadoras, and Montescola and the the Communidade de Montes (Commons Community) of Fieitoso will provide food and drink. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes to work in the monte, bring water, hat and sun screen.

Finally, in order to confirm your attendance we ask for a 5 euro donation to NGO Montescola (IBAN: ES84 3070 0035 2562 2331 7725) indicating your first and last name in the transfer concept. If you are from Spain and indicate your DNI / NIE in the transfer, the donation is tax deductible.

For questions or more information you can contact