Beyond the Conference

A scientific event of this nature provides a unique opportunity to bring the public closer to science. It is a moment to showcase the work done by researchers in the fields of ecological economics and degrowth, raise public awareness about the need for new models of social development and ecological transition, and involve the public in discussions about degrowth and its possible forms. Additionally, it emphasizes the  importance of bridging the gap between society and the scientific community, fostering understanding and collaboration. With these objectives in mind, the conference includes various activities focused on the general public, with an emphasis on engaging young people.

As part of the conference, a series of initiatives will be held aimed at engagingto engage the general population and encouraging active participation from attendees. These events will provide offer a unique opportunity platform for citizens to get involvedparticipate in discussions related to the conference topics. Activities include addressed during the conference and will include a variety of activities such as talks, exhibitions, interactive workshops, roundtable discussions, debate spaces, art performances, and more. They, offering a platformprovide an opportunity for the general population to actively engage and actively participate in the conference

The schedule of these activities will be publicly available,  and anyone interested can attend them free of charge. To facilitate attendance, most activities will be conducted in the local languages, Galician and Spanish. They will take place in various venues scattered throughout the city, all within a ten-minute walking radius. The venues include Casa das Campás, the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra, and others.