Thursday, 11 April. Workshop "Returning to the roots, returning to growth"

  • When:
    Thursday 11 April, 6.30 p. m.

  • Where:
    Casa das Campás (Don Filiberto St., Pontevedra)

  • Who:
    Rosa María Regueiro & Xosé Ramón Doldán (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Talk/workshop to look at the changes in the use of resources in objects-services of great importance in our daily lives. We will work with two goods, one more modern and the other older, which would have the same function, and we will analyse them from an economic, environmental, ecological, energetic, technical, social point of view... advantages and disadvantages, costs, consumption of materials, impact on the environment. For example, a current electric car versus a car from 20 years ago; the tram versus another means of transport; the cooling of water in containers versus plastic, etc.