Thursday 23 May - Talk "Ecology versus the economy or ecology versus extractivism? Local struggles in Galicia against large industries"

Conversation between Galician local organizations that fight against industrial activities of high environmental impact in their territories. We will address the false dilemma between economy and ecology. This self-serving dichotomy that places the protection of the ecological system against economic activities and employment hides the fact that without ecology there can be no economy, not even extractive industries. This conversation reveals the real dichotomy between the ecological heritage and the extractivist industrial development model. The discrepancy is therefore established between economic models, since a macro-industry with concentrated ownership and enormous environmental impact, which crushes and degrades the environment, impoverishes politics, and polarizes society, is not the same as a fabric of economic organizations of moderate size, plural, resilient, convivial and respectful of the socio-ecological system. We will learn about the struggles of each group, their values, and their alternative proposals for a dignified economic model. We will also reflect on what common factors there are in their struggles and how they can help each other.