Thursday, 25 April - Talk "Ethical Finance. Much more than sustainable products"

Work is a fundamental right that contributes to our personal dignity and allows us to acquire an economic capacity, making us consumers. People have the capacity to be interested in the design of a product and, in conscience, we can choose. But are we aware of our financial consumption?

Finance has become a fundamental axis of our society today, and there is little left that we do not measure in euros. In this scenario, financial institutions are the key players. We leave our savings with them, and we ask them for support. We are consuming more and more finances, but with what objective? Do we seek to grow in purchasing power? Do we want to grow in our possibilities to develop future projects? What impact do our financial decisions have? Can we consume finances and grow in collective well-being?

Ethical Finance offers us an opportunity for transformation, for a paradigm shift. It is not about selling sustainable products, it is about developing sustainable projects, changing finance, and doing finance differently. How far is this possible?