International ESEE-Degrowth Conference 2024 presentation video

Members of the local organizing committee present the event from the different venues where the activities will take place, and invite you to come to Pontevedra in 2024. Don't miss it!

International ESEE-Degrowth Conference 2024 Presentation

International ESEE-Degrowth Conference 2024 Presentation


The town of Pontevedra will be the location of the next Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics and the International Degrowth Conference. At the Conference, we will talk about sustainability, economy, wellbeing, and art.

We will count on international references in the fields of degrowth and ecological economics, and citizens will be fully involved in this great event, as there will be numerous free activities open to the public: lectures, workshops, exhibitions, contests...

We are waiting for you in Pontevedra in 2024. You can't miss it!