The Degrowth Spring is about to begin!

The Degrowth Spring is a series of talks and workshops aimed at citizens organised within the framework of the ESEE-Growth 2024 International Conference, which will be held during the months of April, May, and June in the city of Pontevedra. The first activity will take place on Thursday 11 April.

It is promoted by the Post-Growth Innovation Lab group with the support of the University of Vigo and the Pontevedra City Council, and counts on the collaboration and participation of different Galician and national people and organisations. 

An activity will be organised every week in which different topics of social interest such as work, housing, the banking system, or environmentalism will be discussed and debated from the perspective of post-growth/degrowth.

The events will take place in different locations in the city centre, and admission will be free until full capacity is reached.