For academic activities (The Conference)

Conference fees

The registration for the International Conference ESEE-Degrowth 2024 will open on 1 March, 2024 at 8.00 p. m. (CET).

The fees will be the following: 

If you choose the option "ISEE/ESEE member", you will be asked to provide proof of current ISEE/ESEE membership during the registration process (membership invoice, payment receipt, confirmation email...).

If you wish to become a member of ISEE/ESEE, you can register and pay the membership fee here - before registering for the conference

If you are already an ISEE/ESEE member, you can download your membership invoice here:

What does the fee include?

These fees include the attendance to all the conference sessions (both parallel and plenary) and the coffee breaks.

Lunch is not included in the conference fee, but participants can opt to add meals during registration for an additional €18 per day/lunch. The menus will only include VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN options, and both products and service will be in line with the principles of the conference.


We opted not to include meals to avoid imposing additional costs on attendees, who may prefer to bring their own food or explore other options for lunch. In this regard, there are external cafeterias on the university campus offering non-vegetarian menus for those who prefer it. However, since these services are not managed by the conference organizers, we cannot provide any additional indication on prices, menus, etc.

What happens if I don’t book lunch and then I change my mind? If you don’t book lunch in advance and later change your mind, there may be limited extra tickets available during the event, but availability cannot be guaranteed for those who haven't booked in advance. 


During the registration process, attendees have the option to contribute to a solidarity fund through a donation. This fund is specifically aimed at assisting participants who face significant financial barriers to attending the conference, especially those without adequate support from their institutions. The donations collected will directly support the launch of a Funding Open Call, designed to subsidize conference costs for the most financially disadvantaged attendees.

Attendees can choose from three donation levels:

  • Bronze: €10
  • Silver: €30
  • Gold: €50

Participants are welcome to select more than one donation option if they wish to contribute a larger amount.

How to register

Registration must be done through the ConfTool platform:

Starting March 1,2024, at 8.00 p. m. (CET) an option to register will automatically appear for users logging into their accounts. If you do not have an account, you must create one to proceed with registration. Information about the registration process can be found here:

How to pay

There will be 3 payment options:

  • Bank transfer*: this is the payment method recommended by the organisers. Those who choose this payment method must perform the bank transfer within 7 days after their registration, and always on a date prior to April 10,2024, if they are presenting a paper at the conference, or May 6 in case they are not presenters, and send a copy of the transfer receipt within the same period to
  • Paypal*: this option also allows credit card payment. Please note that in some countries participants will have to create a (free) PayPal account during the payment process.
  • Stripe*: this is a credit card processing service for Visa, MasterCard and American Express, available in many European countries, the US, Canada and Australia.

* Please note that transaction fees can be applied by the payment suppliers

Key Dates

  • March 1: registration opening
  • March 31: early bird registration deadline
  • April 10: free* cancellation deadline
  • April 22: registration and payment deadline for those presenting at any of the conference sessions
  • May 6: registration and payment deadline for attendees

* Those who cancel before this date will be refunded the 90 % of the payment. 10 % of the amount will be retained for administration costs.

Contact information

To avoid overloading the organisers, please read all the information on this page carefully before contacting us.