Travel to Pontevedra

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There are different ways to get to Pontevedra: by train, bus, plane, car, or even by foot!  We recommend, whenever possible, choosing the train or bus. 

By train

The train station is located less than 20 minutes walk from the historic city center. It is connected to the main Galician cities as well as to Madrid. You can get all the information regarding train mobility here

By bus

The bus station is located next to the train station and is connected to many Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. You can get all the information regarding bus mobility here

By plane

In Galicia there are 3 airports which are connected nationally and internationally. The closest airport  to Pontevedra is Vigo airport, which is around 30 minutes by car to the city center. Other options are Santiago de Compostela airport (named Rosalía de Castro, around 55 minutes by car, 40 minutes by train), and A Coruña airport (around 1 hour and a half).

From either of these airports there are two options to get to Pontevedra city:

  • Taking a city bus or a taxi to any of the stations of the closest cities (Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, or A Coruña), and then taking a train or a bus to Pontevedra.
  • Renting a car at the airport and driving to Pontevedra. The organization of the event does not recommend this option for those who are staying in the city center since, in addition to being much less sustainable, the car is not the best alternative for getting around Pontevedra, as distances are short and it is a very pedestrianized city, which does not facilitate parking.

It is also possible to get to the Porto airport. By car, it will take just under two hours to get to Pontevedra. Another possibility is taking a bus from the airport to Vigo bus station, and from there taking a bus or train to Pontevedra.

By car

Pontevedra is well connected by highway and freeway with the main Galician, Spanish, and Portuguese cities. 

By foot

The city of Pontevedra is a crossing point of the so-called "Camino de Santiago" (known in Galicia as O Camiño), a pilgrimage route that emerged in the Middle Ages, which, starting from different places, has as its destination the city of Santiago de Compostela. Although the origin of this pilgrimage is religious, nowadays there are many non-believers who enjoy it for different reasons, such as self-improvement, enjoying a few days of tranquility in contact with nature, meeting new people, choosing different and more sustainable holiday formats, or the possibility of enjoying the incomparable landscapes offered by the different routes. 

Pontevedra is one of the stops included in the so-called "Portuguese Way" (Camiño Portugués), which starts in Lisbon and passes through towns such as Coimbra, Porto or Ponte da Lima, in Portugal, and Tui, Baiona, Pontevedra or Padrón, in Galicia (Spain). 

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